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Checklist - Off Season Teams and Training Groups formed by CAA Basketball Participants

CAA Basketball does not form teams outside of the winter basketball season. We have no jurisdiction over how off season teams are formed, or which players participate with off season teams or training groups.

However, we will help your off season team or training group secure gym space, as long as there are CAA Basketball participants on your roster. Please note that most, if not all, AAU Clubs or Basketball Academies forming off season teams have their own gym space resources. So if your team is affiliated with an organization other than CAA Basketball, please secure gym space from them.

For independent teams and groups that include CAA Basketball participants, here is the deal:

  1. Form your team and name your coach.
    1. Most off season teams play in MYAS or AAU tournaments. Please visit their web sites for team formation guidelines and tournament info.
  2. Make sure all players and coaches register in the no fee Off Season registration module of the CAA Basketball web site.
  3. Send your roster to a CAA Basketball Leader.
    1. A Team will be set up for you on our web site, in the current year Off Season area. Your players and coaches will be assigned to the Team.
  4. Send your entire desired practice dates and times to CAA Basketball Gym Space Coordinator. We will do our best to secure the dates and times you want, but even in the off season, we are sometimes challenged with limited gym space.
    1. Once we secure your gym space, we will enter it onto your Team schedule. You will receive practice notifications via text and/or email, if you have that enabled in your profile on our web site.
    2. Once we enter your gym space onto your Team schedule, there will be no changes/additions/deletions. Even if you don't use all the space we assigned to you, you will be billed for it all. 
  5. We will send a monthly invoice to your coach, requesting your team to reimburse us the cost of the gym space we secure for you. Current cost is $6/hour/court.