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Welcome Desk Volunteer

Thank you for volunteering at our annual Chanhassen Basketball Tournament.  We are grateful for your dedication to our program.  The below is intended to give you an idea of what you can expect during your shift as SITE SET UP 

Upon arrival please find and introduce yourself to the facility Site Director.

 Plan to meet the Site Director at the school’s entrance 15 minutes before your shifts starts at your assigned school. 

As a Welcome Desk team member your goal is to greet players, coaches and spectators as they enter the building for games as well as ensure that everyone entering the building is following all necessary safety precautions such as wearing masks, has a forehead temperature within guidelines and only the designated number of attendees per team are entering.  Some activities you can expect to be involved with include:

  • Ensure all those entering the building are wearing a mask
  • Distribute wrist bands to a team designee and ensure each team only has the designated number of spectators attending
  • Escort teams to staging areas and spectators/teams to designated court
  • Answer questions, provide directions, ensure everyone is comfortable and safe entering the building

To begin registration and volunteer shift sign upclick here

If you find yourself unable to fulfill your scheduled shift, we ask that you attempt to find a replacement and contact the Volunteer Director, Rachel Gustad at 952.463.7890, as soon as possible.  For any other volunteer questions contact us at bbballvolunteer@gmail.com