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All CAA sports have transitioned to our new website.

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Some information on the old website is outdated, so please refer to the NEW WEBSITE for all details, including:

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CAA Basketball offers these programs:

Community League Teams

Girls:  Grades 1-8
Boys: Grades 1-8

Community League basketball opportunities are offered for players in grades 1 - 8. Developmental Teams for Grades 1-3 are formed at random;  Community League Teams for Grades 4-8 are formed via a draft. The goal is to form teams with talent  distributed as evenly as possible.

In grades 1-3, we focus on developing skills such as footwork, dribbling, passing and catching, shooting, defense and rebounding. A structured league is played at most levels. Teams typically have one practice and one game per week. All players participate equally. Teams are selected through random placement. Reciprocal buddy requests are honored, as much as possible, limit one reciprocal request per player. Common jerseys give a sense of community and promote good sportsmanship. The 3rd Grade Season will typically run October through December, while the Grades 1-2 will run January through March.

For Grades 4-8 Community Leagues, we continue to develop fundamental skills as we focus on the value of teamwork. Teams are selected by player evaluations and a draft process. Balancing competition is the priority in selecting teams. Common jerseys give a sense of community and promote good sportsmanship. Teams typically have one practice and one game per week. Playing time is shared equally during the games. Season will typically run November into March. Teams play in Community Leagues comprised of other Chanhassen teams, and often teams from surrounding communities.

Equal playing time is required and enforced, however CAA coaches are afforded a degree of latitude to temporarily reduce court time for players who display a distinct lack of commitment to the team. Coaches are required to communicate the specific reasons for court time reduction to the player and parents in a respectful manner, and to work with the player to help rectify the situation quickly. Coaches must keep the CAA Basketball Program Leader informed of any reduced court time situations.

Travel Teams
Girls: Grades 4-8
Boys: Grades 4-8

Traveling basketball is offered for those individuals who are interested in competing at a higher level. It requires a greater commitment, in that each participant is expected to attend all practices and weekend tournaments. Teams will typically have two practices per week, and play in 30 or more games during the season.

In grades 4 through 8, we offer a traveling program focused more on competition and developing skills. Traveling teams are formed from our best players, to compete with the best players from other communities in the metro area. Our goals are improvement in team and individual skills, emphasizing teamwork, equitable participation required, and exemplary sportsmanship. If number of participants dictates, we form multiple teams per grade, with an A-B-C or similar format and 8-10 players per team. Due to gym space limitations and other factors, we are forced to cut some players following Traveling tryouts, unfortunately. Players not selected for a Traveling team are strongly encouraged to participate in our In-House program to continue improving and having fun.

Tournament Teams
CAA Basketball will sponsor and support Tournament Teams comprised of CAA Community League players. Tournament Teams offer players the opportunity to participate in a more competitive environment that does not require the commitment of traveling basketball. Tournament Teams typically play in a limited number of “super-saver” tournaments. We request that Tournament Teams make every effort to register for tournaments that do not conflict with the CAA Community League schedule, such as those offered by Minnesota Youth Athletic Services, www.myas.org. You are free to fill your roster with any CAA Community League players you choose. Tournament teams are responsible for funding the cost of tournament entry fees and additional jerseys/uniforms. CAA will charge Tournament Teams a nominal fee to cover the cost of gym space for practices. Once you have formed your team of coaches and players, we will provide the following services:

  • CAA sponsorship, ensuring adherence to tournament eligibility rules
  • Team covered by CAA insurance policy
  • Additional CAA jerseys, if necessary
  • Reserve gym space for practices
  • Coaches encouraged to attend CAA Basketball coach clinics.

Playing Up Policy
CAA Basketball programs are organized by grade. All participants must register within the program or league intended for their current grade in school. No playing up allowed in the Community League program. No player accepted into travel program via waiver from outside CAA Basketball boundary is eligible to play up. For travel program, all players must participate in first tryout session for their grade. If a 6th or 7th grade player exhibits in first tryout that they are clearly the best player in their grade, and CNHS coaches believe the player is potentially a top A player in a higher grade, CNHS coaches can choose to extend an invitation to that player to evaluate in the second session with the higher grade. The player can either accept or decline the invitation to evaluate in a higher grade. The player would then need to evaluate as a top A player in the higher grade during the second session, in order to be placed on the A team in the higher grade. Players invited to try out at a higher level will not be required to attend the second session for their own grade. Players invited to try out at a higher grade are eligible to be placed only on the A team. If they do not make the A team, they will be placed on the A team in their own grade.

CAA Participation Philosophy

We believe in an environment where fun, learning fundamentals, team values, and sportsmanship take precedence over winning. Keeping with an equitable playing time policy, our goal is for every player entering our program to enjoy their sporting experience, taking with them the knowledge that teamwork, and the effort they put forth are directly proportionate to how they will perform in sports and life.
Refunds, if applicable, can be requested by contacting the program leader. Full refund if requested prior to first event of season (tryout, evaluation or first practice). Prorated refund, less uniform and administrative fees, if the season has begun.
Scholarships/Financial Hardship
It is CAA policy that every child will have the opportunity to play basketball, regardless of family financial status. Parents should contact CAA Basketball Leadership to request assistance.