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2020-21 Season Tryout Schedule

2020-21 Season Tournament Schedules:






Chanhassen Athletic Association (CAA) Traveling Basketball is offered for the 4th-8th grade youth of Eastern Carver County School District 112 who reside within the Chanhassen High School attendance area.


We are now operating under the new District 112 boundaries that went into effect for the 2017-18 school year and beyond.


Exceptions will be made under the following circumstances, in accordance with Minnesota Youth Athletic Services (MYAS) guidelines.


  1. Players who reside outside the Chanhassen High School attendance area, and are enrolled at a school within the Chanhassen High School attendance area, are eligible to participate in CAA Traveling Basketball. This exception applies to students who attend private schools, attend a school via open enrollment, or attend a school via intra-district transfer.

  2. A player is eligible for CAA Traveling Basketball if a parent or guardian resides within the Chanhassen High School attendance area.

Waivers are available via the MYAS Player Waiver/Transfer/Release Form.


Program Structure & Philosophy
Traveling basketball is offered for those individuals who are interested in competing at a higher level. It requires a greater commitment - each participant is expected to attend all practices and weekend tournaments. Teams will typically have two practices per week, and play in 30 or more games during the season.
In grades 4 through 8 we offer a traveling program where we bring more focus on competition and developing skills. Traveling teams are formed of our best players to compete with the best players from other communities in the metro area. Our goals are improvement in team and individual skills, emphasizing teamwork, equitable participation required, and exemplary sportsmanship. If number of participants dictates, we form multiple teams per grade, with an A-B-C or similar format and 8-10 players per team.
Tryouts for Traveling Teams are held in September. Specific tryout dates and locations are listed on the 2020-21 Traveling Program Tryout and Notes document, located at the top of this page. Chanhassen High School basketball coaches will conduct tryouts. Each tryout group will be evaluated in two sessions – please plan to attend both sessions for your group. Tryouts are mandatory. Not attending all of the scheduled tryouts could affect your placement. Failure to attend any of the tryouts will eliminate you from taking part in the Traveling Program. Any traveling player who does not show up for the first tryout session without first informing us will be restricted from the top team in their grade, and CAA Basketball reserves the right to turn such players away from tryouts altogether.
All teams are final once they are posted. Players are assigned to a team based on the skill and performance level determined by the tryout staff, as well as evaluations from previous seasons. All decisions by the tryout staff are final. All players who try out may not be selected to a traveling team. We may need to cut players to obtain the proper roster size. Players not placed on a traveling team are strongly encouraged to play in our Community League program.
Players who have registered for tryouts and cannot participate due to injury or illness will be excused upon delivery of a doctor's note describing the player's limitations. Players excused due to injury or illness must present a signed doctor's release indicating that the player is medically fit before they will be allowed to participate in any CAA activities. Players who miss the scheduled tryout sessions due to illness or injury will be assigned to a team based on the player's past playing experience in our traveling program. The tryout staff and the CAA Basketball board will determine this, with input from past coaches and traveling program player evaluations. A player with no CAA Basketball traveling program experience who misses tryouts due to injury or illness is not eligible for placement on a traveling team.
Each team will play approximately 11 tournaments. 4th Grade Teams will play in slightly fewer tournaments.  List of Tournament Schedules is located at the top of this page. Recognizing individuals will have different skills and needs, a positive environment will be created to foster contribution, accomplishment, confidence and a feeling of self-worth in all players. Each participant will be treated fairly and know they are an important part of the team. All contributions are valued. In turn, players must make the CAA team they are placed on their sports priority for the season. Emphasis is on skill development, teamwork, cooperation, sportsmanship and respect for others.
CAA Storm Traveling Tournament
The 11th Annual CAA Storm Traveling Basketball Tournament will be held December 19-20, 2020! Our tournament has quickly become one of the most popular in Minnesota! We will host boys and girls teams from throughout the extended Twin Cities metro area. This is a FUN and exciting fundraising event for our program. All CAA Basketball traveling families are required to volunteer time, to make our tournament a big success. Save the dates, and get ready to represent our association and communities with class!
Gym Space
Gym space is prioritized by the age and level of the team. Older age groups get the larger facilities and traveling teams are allotted more practice time than Community League teams. Space allocations are determined by Community Education and are subject to change.
Traveling Association Policy
In order to remain a traveling basketball association in good standing in the state of Minnesota, CAA Basketball adheres to Minnesota Youth Athletic Services (MYAS) Traveling Basketball Guidelines. These guidelines can be found by visiting www.myas.org.
Renegade Teams Policy
CAA Basketball will not support Renegade Teams with equipment or gym space, nor approve or support Renegade Teams in any State Tournament. A Renegade Team as defined by CAA as a person or team that is not playing on an In-House team. This policy pertains to participants in grades 4 through 8.

CAA Basketball will support or acknowledge a Tournament Team if all of its individuals are playing in our Community League program.
Program Goals
·        Provide effective, high quality training for players and coaches at all levels.
·        Provide programs that are cooperative with, and respected by, other community programs.
·        Strive to create a fun and entertaining environment for the players, families, coaches and community.
·        Seek to maximize the potential of every player in the program.
·        Develop players and teams that are able to compete at a top level.
·        Encourage and foster player participation for the full length of a player's youth sports career.
·        Foster the importance of teamwork and the understanding that all team members play an integral part in the success of the team.
·        Promote skill development and create a positive self-esteem for every player.
·        Display exemplary sportsmanship always.
Equal Playing Time

Equal playing time is mandatory in all CAA Basketball programs, because we believe that every player develops their basketball comprehension, skills and growth at different rates and times. Therefore, all players should be given equal opportunity to start and finish games, and play in every game situation.

Equal playing time is required and enforced. However, CAA Basketball coaches are afforded a degree of latitude to temporarily reduce court time for players who display a distinct lack of commitment to the team. Coaches are expected to communicate the specific reasons for court time reduction to the player and parents in a respectful manner, and to work with the player to help rectify the situation quickly. Coaches are expected to address any issues that could result in reduced playing time with player before being acted upon.  If no improvements are made, then reduced playing time should be expected.

Equal playing time is the goal, BUT coaches have the right to take away playing time for the following situations:

  • Late to practice (without letting coach know ahead of time)
  • Late to game
  • Skipping practice or game
  • Lack of effort during practices/games
  • Not listening to coaches during practices/games
  • Disruptive during practices/games
  • Not following directions given by coach
  • Not being a good teammate. Players should always treat their teammates with respect
  • Arguing with refs
  • Not paying attention on the court
  • Bad body language during practices/games
  • Not running or understanding the plays the coaches call (this should be a teaching moment for the coach and a very brief time away from court)
  • Profanity at any practice, games or at a tournament
  • Poor sportsmanship

Coaches must be willing to accept and develop the team assigned to them. Favoritism and exclusion in the treatment of players and the division of playing time will not be tolerated.

Playing time should not be judged over any one or two games, as individual game situations (fouls, injuries, matchups, etc.) may partially dictate playing time during any particular game.

In the event of policy violations, CAA Basketball will make every effort to help rectify the situation as quickly as possible. Under certain circumstances, we reserve the right to place coaches on notice, and to eventually dismiss coaches, during the season.

Extra Player
If a team needs an extra player due to a schedule conflict, sickness or injury, the player must come from within CAA. The head coach has the option to select the player, pending the approval of the Traveling Director. The coach will select from the next level down in the same age group. If no one is available, they are then allowed to proceed to the next age group down, or to CAA In-House.
Fees & Expenses
The registration fee is $485 for boys grades 5-8 traveling, $405 for boys grade 4 traveling, $470 for girls 5-8 traveling, and $390 for girls grade 4 traveling. The fee covers all tournament entry fees, full uniform and shooting shirt, gym space for practices, and administrative costs. It must be paid in full before trying out for a team. A refund will be made if you do not make a team. Additional expenses may include extra tournament fees, travel costs to and from games, and concessions at games.
Registration for youth basketball is held between August and September. The only registration method is online at www.chanhassenathleticassociation.com. If you need assistance registering your player online, please contact any CAA Basketball board member.
Registration Late Fee
        Late registrations will incur a late fee of $50.
 Refunds, if applicable, can be obtained by contacting the program coordinator.
·        Full refund prior to first tryout.
·        If you attend any or all of the tryouts and then decide not to participate, you will be charged a $30 administrative fee.
·        No refunds if program has started (once tryouts are completed and teams are posted), due to uniform and administration costs.
*       Refunds will be issued in form of a check, within 30 days of refund request.
Team Manager
General Responsibilities of the Team Manager
The main role of the team manager is to be the focal point of team communications and works closely with the coaches. In addition, the team manager is responsible for the following:

  • Organize informational team meeting, setting expectations with parents and players
  • Enter schedule on team website page for tournaments, pictures, change in practice
  • Work with coach if playing in additional tournaments.  Register, collect money and add to schedule.
  • Manage medical kit and ice packs.  Request additional items from Travel Directors.
  • Distribute uniforms to players.
  • If you have a paid coach, record practice & tournament time with team and e-mail bi-weekly to Bill Kemble
  • Work with Travel director on high school half-time game
Potential team managers must complete the registration for a team manager and a background check.
Traveling Coach Selection Process
Anyone interested in coaching a team (head or assistant) must complete the applicable on-line registration form. In the event that there are multiple people interested in being the head coach, the CAA Basketball board will evaluate the candidates on their commitment to coaching, previous coaching experience, knowledge of the game, and coaching philosophy to select the head coach. Head coach candidates may be asked to participate in an interview with board members. Interviews will be completed prior to tryouts. Once players are assigned to teams following tryouts, head coaches will be named. The head coach and CAA Basketball board will select assistant coaches based on the same criteria. Selection Criteria includes at a minimum the following items:
·        Previous youth coaching experience, including feedback from prior seasons.
·        Knowledge of the game of basketball.
·        Ability to teach players of all skill levels.
·        Attendance and active participation in coach and player clinics.
·        Ability to represent CAA with the utmost respect and sportsmanship.
·        Ability to provide positive reinforcement to players in both practices and game situations.
·        Commitment to CAA Basketball program values and objectives.
·       This must be the coaches’ top priority and only traveling team head coaching position.

Traveling Tryout Dates and Uniform Sizing - to participate in Travel, all players are required to attend Try-Outs. Please plan to participate in BOTH tryout sessions for your grade. Grades 4-8 will have two sessions; See link to tryouts schedule at top of this page.

PLEASE NOTE - Parents will be required to check-in their children.  When checking in, your child will be sized for a uniform.  Parents are required to approve uniform sizes and jersey numbers.  Therefore, plan to arrive 30 minutes before your child's scheduled try-out time, to complete check-in and sizing. In order for uniforms and apparel to be ordered and delivered to your team in a timely fashion, please do us the favor of making every effort to have your player sized for their uniform and order your apparel at your earliest convenience.
Uniform sizing and apparel samples and order forms will be available at these times, in the CNHS Cafeteria/Commons:

UNIFORM SIZING AND APPAREL SAMPLES ORDERING SCHEDULE located on Tryouts Schedule link at top of this page.

You may do uniform sizing and apparel ordering at any time during any of the sessions, even if you are not trying out that day.


Times noted below are START times, NOT arrival times.  Players should be fully dressed and ready to begin their session at the scheduled time.
TRYOUT SCHEDULES located on document link at top of this page.

   * Players are expected to attend BOTH try-out sessions!
   * Times noted are START Times, NOT arrival times. 
   * Players should be dressed in generic athletic apparel;  DO NOT Wear prior
      year Basketball Uniforms.

Traveling Program Parent Meeting

  • Separate meetings for each grade and gender will be held at the start of the first tryout session for each group
  • Details TBA