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Welcome to another season of CAA Developmental Basketball! We are excited to see all of our 1-3 grade players on the courts again!

Contact Information
Jason Schmit - Grades 1-3 Developmental Director

Program Structure & Philosophy

In grades 1-3, we focus on developing skills such as footwork, dribbling, passing and catching, shooting, defense and rebounding. Our primary goals focus on ensuring the players have FUN, and improve their skills and understanding of the game over the course of the season, so they continue to develop a passion for basketball. A structured 3 on 3 league is played at most levels.


Teams typically have one weeknight practice per week, and one game per week on Saturday. All players participate equally. One RECIPROCAL friend request is allowed per player.  Common jerseys give a sense of community and promote good sportsmanship. There is an opportunity to purchase professionally developed team and individual pictures. All players receive an award for their participation. Season will typically run October through December, or January through March.


Equal playing time is required and enforced, however CAA coaches are afforded a degree of latitude to temporarily reduce court time for players who display a distinct lack of commitment to the team. Coaches are required to communicate the specific reasons for court time reduction to the player and parents in a respectful manner, and to work with the player to help rectify the situation quickly. Coaches must keep CAA Basketball leadership informed of any reduced court time situations.


Cost    Grades 1 - 3 = $90 (Late Registration Fee $10)


Jersey New jerseys are available for $25, and may be used for multiple seasons. Players are allowed to use previous year's blue/gold reversible CAA Storm Basketball jerseys.



Registration for CAA Basketball is held during August and September. The only registration method is online atwww.chanhassenathleticassociation.com. For assistance completing online registration, please contact any CAA Basketball board member.



Anyone interested in coaching a team must check the appropriate area on the registration form. We encourage everyone's involvement. Coaches are expected to promote and practice exemplary sportsmanship, teamwork, fundamentals development, positive leadership, and FUN above winning.


Age Group Coordinators

Please put your volunteer skills and basketball passion to work for the benefit of the league! Age Group Coordinators are a key component of our success. You will be a liason between the CAA Basketball board and your child’s league. Responsibilities include:

·        Forming equitable teams

·        Periodic communication with coaches and teams

·        Visit and observe occasional practices and games for every team in your league

·        Communicate league questions/concerns/issues/good news to the board

Please contact a CAA Basketball Leader to inquire about Age Group Coordinators.



Refunds, if necessary, can be obtained by contacting the program coordinator.

·        Full refund if program has not started (prior to the first practice)

·        Partial refund due to injury of participant

·        No refund if program has started (first practice), due to uniform and program costs

Gym Space

Gym space is prioritized by the age and level of the team. Older age groups get the larger facilities and traveling teams are allotted more practice time than Community League teams. Space allocations are determined by District 112 Community Education and are subject to change.


Important Dates for 2019-2020 Developmental League Season (link to Important Dates page)


Here are some answers to FAQs many parents have before the season, please read through the following information carefully so you are well informed of the season to come. There is a lot of information and hopefully this will answer many questions that you may have.


Coaches: As always, we are in need of parent coaching volunteers! We can’t run the program without your help and we know that you will find it very rewarding. You don’t have to be a basketball expert or former player to help out with coaching duties and we have many resources to help you along the way including coaching drills, plays, and our head of player development Jeff Tiran available to help you get started.

Please consider coaching, you can register online under “Community League Coaching Registration”


Parent Volunteers: As you probably know, we are an entirely volunteer run organization. We are in need of team managers, assistance with jersey sales and picture day, and grade level coordinators. You can register to help out online at the CAA Basketball website under “Non Coaching Volunteer Registration”. Thanks in advance for your help, with enough help it lightens the load on everyone who volunteers.


Team Formations: Teams will not be formed until after registration is closed. We do our best to honor 1 reciprocal buddy request – meaning both players need to request each other, and only each other. We also do our best to honor no practice night requests but note that we sometimes are unable to accommodate multiple no practice night requests.


Practice/Games/Gym Space: Gym space is limited. 1-3 graders will have 1 practice weeknights and 1 game on Saturdays. We won’t know the night your team will practice until after teams are formed and no practice night requests are scheduled. It is likely that there will be 8pm practices for each team scattered throughout your season, we know this is late for 1-3 graders so we make every attempt to have these later practices spread evenly among the teams.

Game times on Saturdays will vary. Please note that we will have time clocks out for the games but we do not keep score at this age level. Games are 3 on 3 at the 1st-3rd grade level and coaches will play equal rotation for all players.


Gym Space – we rent gym space for all practices and games and we need to make sure we keep the gyms clean. Most games will be played in the Bluff Creek Elementary gym (please enter through the Bluff Creek Elementary main entrance on the west side of the building). Please keep any children away from the mats and climbing wall in the gym. We have to be respectful of the Bluff Creek gym.


It is also very important to clean up after yourselves, other children, and players when your game is over. We shuffle a lot of teams through every Saturday and we all need to keep the gym clean.